December 12, 2017

Temple Screenshots Post 5: Priestesses to Your Husbands

I'm going to do a series of #iWatchedTheTempleVideos posts on all of my social media accounts. Each one will have a screenshot (from one of the videos from Mike Norton's NewNameNoah YouTube channel), a link to the video where the screenshot is from, and a little message about how temple stuff was hidden from me as a Mormon child. 

I was born a Mormon. I didn't know women were less than men in Mormon doctrine until I saw the NewNameNoah YouTube videos when I was 21.

Men are priests to God who get to rule and reign forever. Women are just priestesses to their husbands:

"Brethren, you have been washed and pronounced clean, or that through your faithfulness you may become clean, from the blood and sins of this generation. You have been anointed to become hereafter kings and priests unto the most high God, to rule and reign in the house of Israel forever.
Sisters, you have been washed and anointed to become hereafter queens and priestesses to your husbands."  -Mormon Temple Endowment

This link jumps to the point in the video where I got the screenshot:

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