November 01, 2017

Exposing the Cult: Anger and Pain

This video is an interview with Mike Norton, the guy who made the secret recordings inside of Mormon temples. Leaving Mormonism was hard for him too.

There is rhetoric that goes around about people like him (and even people like me) that we're just angry exmormons that have lost the spirit. That's so frustrating! Yes, there are moments of intense anger. Yes, we want to expose the "church" as the cult that it is. But it's not just because of the anger, because even more often than the moments of intense anger, there are moments of intense pain. This cult causes so much pain, and it's all based on the lies of a poor farm boy, Joseph Smith, who grew up to be a conman and ended up founding a cult by accident.

Even now, as Mike tells this story about when he told his wife that he had learned Joseph Smith was liar, it still brings him to tears. He was all in as a Mormon. I was too. It soooo painful to learn that's it's all made up:

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